Take Two. Shot One.

I’ve never been one of those people who got things right the first time. It’s taken me mistakes, capitulation, regret and multiple reattempts to come close to figuring anything out–be it education, my career or even favourite flavour of cheesecake.

Maybe that’s exactly what attracts me to writing. To be a writer, tenacity is a must. You never get it right the first time. You edit, chop and rewrite, and perhaps still be dissatisfied with what you have.

Some of you may know that I had an Instagram page a while ago where I uploaded poetry. For my 22nd birthday, my friends were kind enough to get me a typewriter, something I had pined for since I set my mind on the idea of becoming a writer some day. The gift had me so motivated that I began pouring out poems immediately and paraded them for the world to see.

I took the page down over a year ago because I felt I couldn’t commit to it. And also, because I felt I wasn’t good enough.

Over the past few months, I’ve come to realize that writing isn’t about perfection or validation to me anymore. It’s about finding my voice to say things I perhaps wouldn’t out loud otherwise. Last year, when I paralyzed a vocal cord and couldn’t speak clearly for over 6 months (more on that later, maybe), I realized that just putting pen to paper helped me cope with all the thoughts crowding up my mind space (thank you Dhanya Ma’am for that!) It’s almost medicative, helps me retain my sanity.

So, here’s me trying again.

Even though I’ve now found a job that allows me to tell stories, write and create every day, I hope this blog will let me explore outside the realm of what is expected of me. I wish to use this medium to do the one thing I know gives me immense satisfaction and I hope to develop the discipline to keep at it. And maybe, experiment with new things that may catch my fancy along the way. Who knows?

Welcome to take two of Paretheses by Aa.S.


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