Sometimes, when the whole world around me is lost in a frenzied pandemonium, I take respite in being a spectator. Look how you all run: helter-skelter, naivety shrouded by a ruthless day’s toil dripping down your brow. You strive long and hard, to make a living, to make a home, to make a life. You … Continue reading (non)identity



Pavonine  pigtails and a sea of sleeping sheep washed ashore a beach of sepia dreams: Mumma has them under lock and key, in a wooden chest of soufflé clouds, for suntans and Polaroids are a luxury of the cherubic past.   They writhe and quibble in candid memory.   Today, I am the proud owner … Continue reading Adulting


There's a parallelogram against the cool blue of the sky this evening, a mathematics class suspended mid-air. Wings beating in sync, morphing into a rhombus, a rectangle, a square -- until it twists into a white hyperbolic parabloid. When I was eleven, I never quite understood the need for geometry. I didn't want to be … Continue reading Shapes


Let us get away from this ho hum of money repute success- we can ebb into the wild strawberry fields, with lips turning sweet crimson to kiss the velvet firmament with and laugh, until the winds make a symphony of our freedom.