Wall Art

A fire from last night bit into the light socket, sinking its teeth into the white. The charring spilt over to the surrounding paint; I watched orange leave a trail of black in its wake. It reminded me some of the inferno that rages within at times-- the wiring wringing up the fumes in my … Continue reading Wall Art



I went to school. On the first day of class, Sir gave me a wooden box and urged me to climb within. Inside was my syllabus - fourteen thousand four hundred hues of darkness, sewn stiff with shibboleth. Babbage and Bukowski, Ramanujam and Kant, Curie and Rand, (and himself included) pruned my imbecility to indoctrinate … Continue reading Education


There's a parallelogram against the cool blue of the sky this evening, a mathematics class suspended mid-air. Wings beating in sync, morphing into a rhombus, a rectangle, a square -- until it twists into a white hyperbolic parabloid. When I was eleven, I never quite understood the need for geometry. I didn't want to be … Continue reading Shapes