walk through a grassland and you will know that the blades grow to overlap to crisscross as they run wild they do not understand the concept of personal space brushing against places of blasphemy as they reach out tall seeking the sun and sky with outstretched arms   the horizon was too far too blue … Continue reading Excessive


Mutton Chop

Outside a slaughterhouse, seven men sit, lined up-- cross-legged, shoulders touching, watching the city whizz by in yellow and black. Behind them are goats crowded into a four by four room. In a few hours,   at the onset of dawn, the people will come for their meat, for their skin, for their soul. Tonight, … Continue reading Mutton Chop


There's a parallelogram against the cool blue of the sky this evening, a mathematics class suspended mid-air. Wings beating in sync, morphing into a rhombus, a rectangle, a square -- until it twists into a white hyperbolic parabloid. When I was eleven, I never quite understood the need for geometry. I didn't want to be … Continue reading Shapes


Let us get away from this ho hum of money repute success- we can ebb into the wild strawberry fields, with lips turning sweet crimson to kiss the velvet firmament with and laugh, until the winds make a symphony of our freedom.